Helpful Hints: San Remo, Italy

San Remo, Italy:

You can buy a ticket from Nice through to San Remo, Italy, but you will need to change trains in Ventimiglia and get on a local Italian line for the 15-minute ride. The trains run often and the wait should only be about 20 minutes in Ventimiglia, but in both directions in Italy, the trains we took were more than an hour late, so be prepared to wait.


Helpful Hints: Nice, France

Nice, France:

The trains: Many of the trains aren’t air conditioned, so bring a hand fan and a bottle of water. If you’re there in the warm months, you will be warm!

Train tickets: While there are many automated machines at the Nice Ville train station, none of them will take your credit card unless you have a metallic chip on the front. Most U.S. credit cards don’t have them so you need to wait in line to purchase tickets from an agent. The line moves quickly but it does add time to your trip (in late June, we had to wait about 15 minutes each time), so get to the station early. Once you have your ticket, you need to get it stamped in one of the machines set up on the way to the track€s. That validates your ticket.

On the train: We never once had anyone check our tickets on the trains. That said, had we not spent the €3-4 for a ticket, we could have been charged a €35 fee if we’d been caught without one. Try to get away with it at your own risk!